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at RAUM Salmgasse Foundation (Austria ) Salmgasse 6, 1030 Wien


Title: Abandoned Doll

Year:2019 (Aug)

Dimension: 40”x20”

Media: Three Layered Silk Organza, Acid Dye, Pigment

Method: Original Dye based on Yuzen Kimono Dye

This work is an image of an abandoned doll floating in the water. In retrospect, I've gotten and thrown away a lot of goods in my life. What happened to them and where did they disappear? Girls are usually given a female doll as a gift and cherish her. I also played by combing her hair and changing her clothes. I unilaterally talked to the doll, and I think she was like my friend. Still, I don't even remember how I abandoned her. Like this work, it may be floating in a pond somewhere without decaying. Living in an era of mass production and consumption, we need to think about how we can reduce abandonment. I'm hesitant to throw things away now. I want to take good care of things around me and not buy inorganic substances easily. And I would like to improve my observing ability so that I can use the existing obsolete ones as materials for my work without throwing them away.

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