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The Healing Power of ART: Resilience 2022 Exhibition

by Renee Phillips. September30 to November

Title: Bosom Lotus


Media: Mohair Yarn, Bra Pad

Dimension: 6”H x 18” R, 15 x 45cm round

After making the nipple lotus, I made this white lotus with bra pads and mohair yarn. The color of the pad of the bra is so-called "skin color", and it was covered with a spider web lace making. I made a nipple in the center of the web. The image of breast milk passing through the mammary glands and coming out of the nipple overlaps with the appearance of spider webs radiating and gathering in the center. The brushed mohair is like the downy hair that grows on the human body, and I think it was a work that felt life and warmth.


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