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Stronger Together Summer 2023 Directory Artists Group Exhibit 18 August-18 September 2023

Title: Six Peaches


Media: Wool Fiber, Peach Seed

Dimension: 12cm diameter Each


I was eating a peach in the summer and thought the seeds looked like part of a woman's genitalia. And the peach skin with downy hair and its shape was like a woman's buttocks.So I decided to make a work on the theme of various abuses of female genitalia. The peach seeds were washed and dried, and wool fibers were used to form new peach pulp shapes on top of the seeds.There are many types of female genital abuse. Sometimes sand, pebbles, or glass are put into the vagina. Circumcision is often performed by grandmothers or female doctors, not by men.These women are forced to live in pain and poor hygiene. Nevertheless, female circumcision continues to increase. Sometimes women themselves want to be circumcised. After the stitches are removed, some women ask to be stitched again to please their husbands.I express cherishing the female genitalia rather than evoke violent images and condemn them for making people aware of the importance of fragile and precious parts of the female body.

Title: Suffering Tofu

Year: 2022

Media: Cotton Fiber, Silk Gauze, Tofu Maker

Dimension: 15x12x15 cm 6” x 5” x6’


Death is one of the four inevitable sufferings that the Buddha preached. I focused on "death" among them and expressed the skull as a tofu relief. Tofu originated in China and is now widely used as a daily food in many countries. On the other hand, although death is not inevitable and can come to anyone anywhere in the world, we treat it like something special and avoid thinking about it in our daily lives. In 2017, I drew a skull for the first time in a work titled "Moment-2", which uses a courtesan as a motif. Until then, it was taboo for me to draw or create skeletons. This is because I felt negative energy, including death, in skeletons. But observing and drawing the skull, the kind of fear I had disappeared. In my work, "Woman", I realized that if the skin and muscles were removed, everyone would have ivory bones, regardless of race or gender. Since then, the skeleton has become a symbol of non-discrimination for me.

In this work, I combined a skull with tofu, a daily food, to express that death is part of our lives.I think that accepting the impermanence and insubstantiality of our life will lead to peace of mind, rather than being afraid and not thinking about it.


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