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Title: Pixel Weaving August 4 1962


Media:Wool Yarn

Dimension:1.6x1.7m 63” x 67”

Weaving is one of the means of producing my works. I also take and edit digital photographs for documentation of my work.

A digital photograph is made up of squares called pixels. The weave also consists of a grid of warp and weft threads. Inspired by the similarity of these two structures, I created a unique work called "Pixel Weaving".

Instead of developing the photo on paper, I woven the color of each pixel of the digital photo into 3 cm squares and stitched them together.

This work is based on a monochrome image of Marilyn Monroe's face. She was active in the brilliant world of cinema, but she died at the age of 36. She is one of the icons that comes to mind when I think of my artist statement, the impermanence of this world. I think that her life was a life in which she made many sacrifices to satisfy the desires of others.


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