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Small Works/Big Impact

March 7--Closing reception/Silent auction TBA

TAC AIR -Textile Arts Center Artist In Residence Fundraiser Exhibition

Title: Shape of Mind

Year:2019 Size: 3inches (7.62cm) square each

Medium: Water Soluble Glue, Gold Sumi Ink, Canvas

The pretty shelfs were made by TAC staff for this exhibition


The shapes were made to depict our mind which always making different forms according to how we feel and how we behave. I inserted water soluble glue and gold sumi ink into a syringe. I made a stroke on a black small canvas, and injected glue and ink move in the process of drying and make a unique shape. I intended to work inside the small square shape in order to express the breathlessness of staying in a small frame. Our mind can change its shape but we lock our mind not going to further away by the social pressure. We are struggling to unlock the invisible chain but we do not recognize who locked our mind. Most of the time, that is ourselves.


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