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Title: Love for All Thing

Year: 2017

Material: Silk Organza, Gold Sumi Ink, Silver Color Fabric

Method: Sumi Ink Drawing, Burn with Incense, Layered Fabric

Form: Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono-Uchikake

Description: This work was finished as a form of Japanese Wedding Kimono style.

Gold Sumi Ink was applied over twenty-five yards in length and 16 inches in width silk organza. Patterns are traditionally used for Japanese ceremonial kimonos such as up and down dragon, peony, wisteria, chrysanthemum, owl, and butterfly. After drawing, the fabric was burned with incense leaving the drawing lines. The burned silk organza was sandwiched by unburned silk organza and silver fabric was placed under them. The layered fabrics were then tailored into kimono shapes. Incense is said to be a food for Buddha and all those who deceased in Buddhism. In order to make openwork with incense, I had to breathe slowly and gently following my righthand movement, which required careful handling of the fragile burning incense with slow rhythm. This is a mode of meditation and I made this work with a heart of mercy for all creatures and plants, both what is alive now and what ended one’s life.


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