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Matters Solo Show Exhibition has been extended to early March due to popularity!!!

Dec.11th - Feb. 4th.2019 at Center of Remembering and Sharing

123 4th Ave. #2 NY 10003

Theme: Matters I made these small works themed “Matters” of our life combination with frogs as a symbol of nature. I advocate the importance of our “Mindful” life. However, it is very hard to do so because we have so many temptations and traps to make us having desires and stresses when we can not accomplish these desires. Even one desire comes true, new one immediately appears and it lasts endlessly. As a result, we regret the past and worry the future. I hope viewers see these works and feel some matters that they have and contemplate their life and start to think of their “Mindful”life.

Medium: Three-layered silk organza, Acid Dye, Pigment

I dyed layered three pieces of silk organza simultaneously with acid dyes and pigments after drawing outlines with a gold color Sumi Ink. They are steamed to fix colors, pressed, and separated to be framed.

Method: Original based on Japanese Yuzen Kimono Dye

I use special brushes made for Yuzen Kimono dye to make beautiful gradations. The size of the brush varied from 3mm to 15cm. I innovate Yuzen kimono dye techniques to my original method with layered fabrics and without rice glue lines as water resistance. Instead of glue resistance, I manipulate dye liquid not to spread outside of drawing gold Sumi outline.

My method makes it possible to dye larger and layered fabrics.

Emaciated: Super thin body and high heel are woman’s desire, which is embedded by commercial strategies.

Obesity: Everyone knows obesity is bad for health. But understanding and avoiding it is different. As long as we enjoy our life with instant pleasure, it is hard to escape from this danger. Actually, there is no obesity in nature life and this frog is just looking fat. The butterfly symbolize America.

Addiction: We tend to drop in an addiction and sometimes we do not recognize it.

Desire: People try to make themselves looking good. The lipstick is resembled to a bullet.

The lip stick will shoot someone’s heart with attraction like a bullet.

Seeking: People are always seeking happiness. Sometimes they do not recognize how happy they are in their current place.

Eco Luxe: “Eco” is now commonly cared, but I wonder what is true eco-friendly and what is “Eco Luxe.” We should aware that “Eco” is used for an advertisement to sell products.

Religion: Christmas is celebrated worldwide. However, we should keep in mind that it is a religious event. One’s common sense is not always shared with anyone.

Reality: With the development of technology, now it is very hard to judge which is truly real.

Nirvana: This is an image of “Nirvana."


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