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Life and Death

Title: Infinity Birth and Death

Year: 2022 (April)

Media: Wool Fiber, Silk Gauze, Mohair Yarn, Metallic Thread

Dimension: 9” round, 0.5”D/ 23cm round 1 cm D

Inspiration for Infinity Birth And Death

Incorporating white, braids and face masks, it expresses Korean culture. With the theme of life and death, I responded with the hands of a baby and the face of an old woman.

From ancient times, Koreans have preferred white clothing and porcelain as colors that mean purity, innocence, rectitude, temperance. Korean cosmetics, especially face packs, are popular all over the world. Purity, which is the value of Koreans, uses natural materials to nurture vivid and natural beauty. Traditionally, hairstyles have played a role in representing class and age and the basis of women's hairstyles was braided hair arrangements.

I work based on the Buddha's philosophy. They are the impermanence and insubstantial of all life, and desire causes suffering. Nothing exists infinitely in the same state, but I think our activities and thoughts have an infinite concept.

Process behind Infinity Birth And Death

Life constantly flows from birth to death, one life form disappears, while a new life is born. With so many births and deaths, the activity looks endless. In this work, the continuation of life is likened to the braided hair of an old woman, expressing the image of a newborn baby inheriting life from his/her grandmother. The old lady’s face and baby’s hand are made of wool fiber using needle punchers. In the background, I put a lace face mask, and the letter "ku" (suffering) made by burning silk organza with incense sticks. It's not easy to accept that we die old. Cosmetics are meant to keep us young, but for those of us destined to die old, such wasteful effort causes suffering.


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