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Gallerium Art Prize

May20-June 30 2022

Title: Born to be an Actress

Year: 2019

Media: Cotton Fiber, Water Soluble Glue, Raw Silk Thread

Dimension: 28” x13” x5” 71x33x12(cm)

This work was inspired by a photo of my third daughter when she was three years old. The eldest daughter treated my third daughter like a dress-up doll and wore various hats and dresses.

And the third daughter also enjoyed crossing her legs, putting her hands on her knees, looking away from the camera, posing like an actress, and taking pictures. Eighteen years later, the third daughter really became an actress. Looking at the old photos, I think she was born as an actress. She plays a role in her profession, but in my opinion we all have multiple roles: students, teachers, children, parents, office workers, and so on. So we can all be born as actors/actresses. If you feel suffering and think that you are only playing one of the roles, you can relieve it by taking a bird's-eye view.


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