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Exhibizone Grand Prize 2022

September 9 to November 11, 2022

Title: Cultivation Toothbrush

Year: 2020

Media: Goose Down, Pigment, Resin, Petri Dish

Dimension: 4”x0.4”, 10x1 (cm) Round

I actually used this toothbrush for months and made it into a piece of work rather than throwing it away. We don't hesitate to throw away the swabs after use, but rinse the toothbrush and use it repeatedly. Bacteria grow in the mouth at the same density as the large intestine. However, some people find the toothbrush familiar and use it even when it wears out. Our standards of "things" are full of contradictions. Also, I can't throw away a toothbrush like a cotton swab. I imagined that culturing the bacteria on my toothbrush would make it a little disgusting like this.

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