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Exhibizone Emptiness

Sep.1st-30th 2021

Cage of Life “Meditation”

Year: 2021

Medium: Wire

Dimension: 10”Hx5”Wx5”D 26 x 13 x 13(cm)

This work was made by making a prototype of a newborn baby with a ball-jointed sculpture and tracing it with a wire. Newborns do not stretch their hands or legs for a while even if they are born, probably because they have been in a narrow womb for a long time. With his/her eyes closed, he/she seemed to be meditating with crossed legs. Buddha defines being born as four life sufferings along with aging, getting sick, and dying.

The theme of this work is to eliminate excessive attachment by considering that being born is the beginning of suffering and that the body is like a cage that holds life.

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