• aomikikuchi

Diversia: Life Feb-01 to 28 2021


Title: Life-Dragonfly

Media: Silk Pongee, Acid Dye, Pigment

Dimension: 50cmx40cm 20" x 16"

This work is one of a series of three works titled Life. The dragonfly in the center expresses the image of enjoying life and dancing. I colored the larvae colorfully and drew them as if they were swimming happily in the water. Also, the dragonfly mating looks like a heart symbol, so I drew it as well. Both the frog's work and the cicada's work emphasized the diversity and harshness of life, but in this work, the word “life” became a verb from a noun by drawing mating. I think that the wonderfulness of living in the harshest of life was put into the work.

Exhibizone is pleased to announce Diversia: Life; its international monthly show, a smart online exhibition with 60 contemporary artworks, opening on February 01, 2021, and emaining on view online through February 28, 2021.

This February, Diversia: Life tells a unique visual story of Life. Life as we see, think, imagine and live it presented by 48 talented artists from around the world using Biafarin technology to provide a unique experience for online visitors of the exhibition and allowing them to leave their reviews and comments for participant artists in the exhibition.

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New York NY USA