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Continuity: Modern & Contemporary

March 9-28, Wednesday -Saturday,12-6 PM by appointment

at Artifact 84 Orchard Street, New York. NY 10002

Title: Koi

Year:2019 (March)

Media: Silk Organza, Asid Dye Pigment, Gold leaf

In this work, three dyed silk organza are layered, the first one is drawn with gold leaf autumn leaves, and the second and third sheets are layered to draw carp and autumn leaves, and the three sheets are spaced at regular intervals.

The shadow seen in the work is not the one drawn, but the shadow of this carp. The carp swims gracefully in a cloth that looks like water. Neither carp nor goldfish have evolved into their colors and shapes, but were created by human desires for the purpose of human appreciation. And living in a narrow fishbowl or pond doesn't seem happy to them. So far, humans have trapped various animals in zoos and aquariums. And they have changed their shape in the name of breeding. Dogs and cats have also been bred and have been trapped or chained for a long time at the convenience of their owners. The flowers have also been improved to bloom larger or in different colors.

Once even humans of the same species were enslaved and sold like goods, but now slavery is gone. If we use our imagination more, just as slavery has disappeared, will there be a world where animals and plants do not suffer from human convenience?

Livestock die in worse environments, unable to live their lives, but is it inevitable to satisfy our dietary desires? I believe we can solve these problems for the future.

Title: Choice

Year:2019 August

Dimension:40inches x 20 inches x 10inches

100cm x 50cm x 25cm

Material: Three Layered Silk Organza, Acid Dye, Pigment

Method: Original based on Yuzen Dye

Goldfish represent Japanese, Coke and sneakers represent American culture. Goldfish was bred and changed its form. Once chosen and abandoned sneakers, cans and the goldfish depict egoism of humans.

. Coke Zero was made to excuse humans to drink it. These were made by humans’ desire.


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