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Artist of the Future

Galleria Il Collezionista May30-August30

Theme of work

I made these small works themed “Matters'' of our life. Frogs are used for questioning these matters from the viewpoint of the natural world. I insist on the importance of "mindful" life. But it's very difficult to practice. There are many temptations and traps that drive us to having desires, and even if one wish comes true, a new one will soon emerge and be endless. When we cannot achieve these desires, we regret the past and worry about the future. I hope viewers will see these works, be aware of their problems, think about their lives and start thinking about their "mindful" life.


Three-layered silk organza, Acid Dye, Pigment, Bamboo Hoop


I layered and dyed three pieces of silk organza simultaneously with acid dyes and pigments after drawing outlines with a gold color Sumi Ink. Steaming to fix colors, pressed, and separated to be framed.

Title:Emaciated Year:2019 Size: 30m round

Super thin bodies and high heels are women's desire. Women have these desires because they are brainwashed by commercial strategies. In order to sustain such thin bodies, women give up eating properly and such unhealthy life harms their health. High heels torture women's legs and dangerous to walk.

Title: Obesity Year:2019 Size:30cm round

Everyone knows obesity is bad for health. It is easy to understand the fact, but avoiding a bad eating habit is a different story. As long as we enjoy our life with instant pleasures, it is hard to escape from this danger. Feeling excessive stress also leads us to overeating and heavy drinking. We call ourselves, Homo Sapiens, which means "wise man" in Latin. Actually, there is no obesity in nature. I wonder why we can not control our fat if we were truly wise enough.

I depict a frog which looks like a fat guy, and a butterfly with American flag pattern symbolizing the country of obesity.

Title: Addiction Year:2019 Size: 30cm round

We tend to drop in an addiction without recognizing it. And we justify our behavior even if it is clearly an unreasonable habit. There are so many foods and drinks we easily drop in addiction.

Title: Eco-Lux Year:2019 Size:30cm round

Eco-lux means a product which is both ecologically friendly and luxury. Meeting the demand of both ecologically friendly and luxury seems contradictory. However, eco friendly products are actually expensive because they are made from genuine and natural materials. And also the meaning of luxury has been changing from simply gorgeous products or experiences to more satisfying one's heart with a story of sustainability of the world. This sneaker is sold as a Ecolux product but it is made of common materials, nothing is ecological but just expensive with green leaves patterns. In this way, the image of "Eco" is used for anything in order to sell products.

Title: Desire Year:2019 Size:30cm round

People try to make themselves look good. They want to draw attention to satisfy their approval desire. I found that the lipstick shape resembles a bullet shape. Lipsticks are used to attract people just like shooting their hearts. Bullets are used to scare or kill someone in order to fulfill a person's nasty desires. Desire is a keyword for these little objects.

Title: Reality Year:2019 Size:30cm round

Every time I bought a new mobile phone, I was surprised at the improvement in quality, including the screen. Over the last decade, the technology of virtual reality has developed significantly. In the near future, we will live in a dual world of virtual and real. Can natural creatures distinguish between virtual and real? Can they live in a virtual world?

Title: Religion Year:2019 Size: 30cm round

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. But keep in mind that this is a religious event. Common sense is not always shared with anyone. At the same time, we need to try to understand something or someone who is totally different from us. Harari Yuval Noah says that Humans are born like a pottery clay. They are formed under a unique culture and become specific people with specific beliefs and behaviors. It is difficult to abandon everything they have acquired over the years. Compassion with each other is the solution to getting along.

Title: Nirvana Year:2019 Size: 30cm round

This is the image of nirvana. I work on Buddha's philosophy and know that the state of nirvana is the ultimate goal of our lives. The Buddha arrived at the stage on his own for decades of practice. After enlightenment, he tried to help people from suffering. He preached to them that life is impermanent, insubstantial, and their craving creates suffering. I think for ordinary people, trying to go to nirvana is also a desire. People can live with calm minds just knowing Buddah's teaching.


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