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Art Laguna Prize Exhibition at Villa dei Cedri Valdobbiadene ( Treviso)

SPAZIO - VISIONI INTRECCIATE Collective Exhibition – Temporary Gallery The Exhibitions in Veneto – The Land of Venice

From May 21 to August 15 2022 Opening May 21, 2022 Ex Opificio Villa dei Cedri, Valdobbiadene (TV)

The exhibition will see 47 works on display selected by the MoCA Cultural Association.

The event is part of the Arte Laguna Prize exhibition circuit in Veneto - The Land of Venice

Press release May 19 2022

As part of the initiative of “The Exhibitions in Veneto – The Land of Venice”, Arte Laguna Prize continues to enliven the whole venetian area with its Art. The collective exhibition and temporary gallery SPAZIO - VISIONI INTRECCIATE will be opened to the public from May 21 to August 15 2022 in the exhibition spaces of the Ex Opificio of Villa dei Cedri in Valdobbiadene (TV), a beautiful nineteenth-century complex kernel of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The 45 international works revolve around the theme of space, declined under the architectonic, natural, internal and dreamlike spectrum, recreating a weave of visions that intertwine between themself opening up to the other, in a chain of ideals unique like the artists that lend their voices to narrate the world in which we live in. The exhibition SPAZIO - VISIONI INTRECCIATE takes the visitors to discover the different declinations of contemporary art (painting, photography, digital art and video art, sculpture and installation, art design) encouraging them to subvert their perspective of space through the displayed artworks. The oeuvres exhibited in the four spaces of the Ex Opificio are a selection curated by Marta Fogagnolo with the artistic direction of Sara Tortato and Alessandra Lazzarin, who have chosen some of the finalist works from the last editions of the contest Arte Laguna Prize tied together by the theme of the exhibition: space, interpreted in all its many forms and expressions. The city of Valdobbiadene has opened its door to Contemporary Art for the first time, embracing the project of the cultural association MoCA as explained by the Councilor for Culture Giorgia Falcade "We embraced the proposal to be part of the initiative "The Exhibitions in Veneto – The Land of Venice" touched by the great artistic value of the initiative and the possibility of including Valdobbiadene in a wider cultural circuit. We are resuming with enthusiasm the cycle of temporary exhibitions inside the Ex Opificio of Villa dei Cedri, recently restored, with a new project. We are certain that this complex exhibition, which offers different declinations of contemporary art and for this reason is very captivating, will be able to convey to the visitor a feeling of wonder. For Valdobbiadene it represents a new opening through a look at art that goes beyond borders and nourishes soul and mind through works that provide true grandeur. The task of the administration will be on one hand to create a network with the accommodation facilities of the territory so that the tourist can recognize in our community a new, fresh and international artistic language, and on the other with schools to "tickle the cognitive experience towards art" of the students (in this regard we have already organized guided tours with some classes of different order and degree) and with the cultural associations of the territory so that "local" artistic languages can merge with it. For this reason, the exhibition will be supported by events and meetings that will be organized in the exhibition rooms in collaboration with the board of culture and with other local associations". "The exhibition - comments Marina Montedoro, president of the Association for the Heritage of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene - hosted in the Ex Opificio of Villa dei Cedri, an invaluable residence also home of the Association of the Hills of the Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, enhances the concept of 'space' in all its being: in the works, in the exhibition venue and in its founding theme. A concept that, in its most extensive form, takes up that of our UNESCO Site: a space as a place to live, protect, enhance. This mixture of natural art given by the surrounding landscape, historical art given by the location and contemporary art given by the works, represents a synthesis of beauty that enriches our territory". The one in Valdobbiadene is the seventh stage of an itinerary started at the ending of March 2022 in collaboration with several Villas and Historical Residencies of Veneto with the purpose of realizing collective exhibitions and events throughout the year. The locations involved are Villa Rechsteiner in Oderzo (TV), Castello di Thiene (VI), Villa Roberti in Brugine (PD), Villa San Liberale in Feltre (BL), Villa Montruglio and Villa Valmarana ai Nani in Vicenza. The opening hours are available here: The Exhibitions in Veneto – The Land of Venice received the permit to use the brand of the Veneto Region, the patronage of ADSI – Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane (Italian Historical Residencies Association), of AVV – Associazione Ville Venete (Venetian Villas Association) and of Padova-Treviso-Venezia-Rovigo Capital of Corporate Culture 2022, who add up to the patronage given to Arte Laguna Prize by the institutions: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of International Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Region of Veneto. The exhibition SPAZIO - VISIONI INTRECCIATE will be open to the public for free till August 15 2022 from friday to sunday, during the week by appointment (fri 16:30-19:30; sat-sun 10:30-12:30/16:30-19:30). It’s possible to organize guided tours for groups and schools. All the artworks are on sale. For infos, booking and sales: T. 3403770450 - 3463369128. PRESS FOLDER: ARTISTS AND ARTWORKS EXHIBITED: WEBSITE: #artelagunaprize Download the press release > Press office +39 347 279 0099 |

Title: Secret Year:2020

Media: Silk thread, Goose down, Italian pigment, Lace making

Dimension: 6” L x 12” W, 25 x 30(cm)

This work is a transformation from a practical underwear into an artwork composed of goose down and silk thread.I make a round hole in the used underwear little by little, apply the same lace technique as when making a spider web, gradually cut off the original cloth, and finally leave the shape of the underwear with silk thread and goose down. Goose down was taken out of the down duvet that I bought and used when I got married more than 35 years ago.I washed and used it. I colored it with an Italian pigment I bought in Venice at Pratt's summer school.

With the image of bacteria decomposing, I will continue to produce works that replace clothes that are no longer used with goose down, silk thread, and other fibers. The original fabric that was removed will be reborn as a new work. I would like to deepen the viewer’s understanding of my artist statement, the world's impermanence, insubstantiality, and the infinite activities by showing my work.


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