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35th Anniversary Pratt in Venice Show

at Steuben Gallery

October 21st - November 1st

Title: Permeation

Year: 2019

Dimension: Approximately 48 x 92 x 6 inches

Material: Silk Gauze, Acid Dye, Drip Pack, Ping-pong Ball, Glass Eye, Nylon Thread

Description: This work titled, Permeation is a drip pack being filled with color liquid dye that matches the color of the silk gauze and eyeball hanging directly below. This gives viewers the illusion that the color was transferred from the drip pack to the silk gauze sculpture through the tube and reached the eyeball. This is an image that medicine permeates our body and intervenes in our organic system.

In this work, I made seven soft sculptures using silk gauze, which I dyed. I made shapes but did not fix them permanently. These soft sculptures are representations of our organs. Organs have a particular shape, but they are soft and only functions with other organs. Organs connect each other and are stored in our oval shaped case. The texture of organs is tender, which resembles these soft sculptures.

Title: Placebo

Year: 2019

Dimension: Approximately 17 x 90 x 1.5 inches Material: Silk Gauze/Organza, Acid Dye, Pigment, Color Sand, Pill Case, Bamboo Hoop, Nylon Thread

In a row of seven bamboo hoops, titled Placebo, these were filled with pills containing colored sand and placed in them which has a circumference of six inches, then covered with three section of different colored silk gauze and hung on the wall. I placed a flower petal or a leaf of silk gauze in each of the bamboo hoop case, which shows a contrast between chemical and organic.

We as a culture are transfixed when it comes to the power of medical pharmaceuticals. We, in my opinion, view them as a miracle drugs and fountains of youth. But in reality, much of this is an invented fallacy that we have created ourselves.

I created seven separate colors and poured them into the different medical devices. The reason why I chose the number seven is that it is that of spectrum colors and indicates the seven-day week scheduled of our calendars. The medical devices represent our desire to live forever, or at least as long as we possibly can.

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