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Voices of Tomorrow Art Book

Feb. 24 .2023 Released

Voices of Tomorrow Art Book Concept:

Humanity has arrived at a crossroads, and all signs point to a new era. The Voices of Tomorrow Art Book examines the society we live in today and explores the creation of a new one with space for our voices, opinions, and ideas as an alternative to the deluge of gloomy narratives. Art has the potential to impact the world! Art has the power to make people feel, and this feeling can inspire them to think and act. Art can help individuals overcome the numbing effect of today's information overload by inspiring them to act on their ideas. Art is a powerful tool for social change because it tells a story that can change and positively influence people's futures and beliefs. The Voices of Tomorrow urges poetic reinvention, asserting that art has the power to engage with the issues and complexities of the world around us. The Voices of Tomorrow Art Book seeks alternative acts, thoughts, and tales from the perspective of common futures, changing fear into opportunity and peril into vitality.

Voices of Tomorrow will be our fifth art book.

Title: Suffering being 1


Media: Wool Fiber

Dimension: 40x30x20 (cm)

This work is one of a series with the theme of suffering.

In this work, I made a sculpture of a newborn baby using wool fibers.

The main sufferings in life that the Buddha preaches are birth, aging, illness, and death.

Birth is blessed by parents and others, so you may be wondering why it is included in suffering. However, if you are not born, you will not experience aging, illness, or death. Being born is the beginning of experiencing suffering.

Besides aging, illness, and death, not being able to get something you want can also cause suffering.

Yet, we live in the hope that only fun and good things will happen in our daily lives. By recognizing that life is more likely to experience suffering, if we can alleviate our desires a little, we may be able to live comfortably.

Title: Woman 2022

Year: 2022

Media: Wire, Fiber

Dimension: 70 x 12 x 10cm (27”x5”x4”)

In 2018, I created a work titled woman. When I thought about the differences in race and gender, I realized that if we remove the skin and muscles from the human body, we all have the same ivory bones. And when I put long hair on the skeleton, it looked like a woman to me. I was surprised that I myself have a fixed idea that I have cultivated over many years. This time, after weaving the shape of the skeleton with wire, I planted each hair on the scalp. People who see this work will think that it is a female skeleton from the title and appearance. We feel like we are seeing the real picture as it is, but we are often influenced by things like prejudices that our brain derives from experience. Recognizing this will lead to awareness of various contradictions in modern society, and will lead to the realization of a better society.

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