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Spotlight Magazine Issue 33

Circle Foundation

Discover the 33rd issue of Spotlight • Contemporary Art Magazine, featuring an exclusive selection of 127 fine artists from around the world. We examine what art looks like today through a wide spectrum of ideas, practices, and styles, offering artwork that should be collected. Leaf through the magazine online and click on each artist’s link to see more work and contact them directly.

Description of the work

Title: Fortune Catcher-2

Year: 2022

Media:Silk Gauze, Mohair Yarn

Dimension: 12” round, 30cm

This work is one of the Fortune Catcher series. I embroidered a spider web in a rectangular shape.

For spiders, the web is his catcher of fortune that brings food. Various cultures have auspicious items, which are given as gifts to pray for good health and success. Buddha said that life is suffering, but that does not negate the hope that something good will happen. I believe that praying for the happiness and success of others, including ourselves, is a caring form of love. I hope that this work will bring peace and stability to the world and allow people to live casual lives.

In 2018, I made my first spider web using threads from frayed silk organza fabric. And last year, I noticed a new perspective that spider webs are fortune catchers that catch food for spiders. Until then, I had a slightly negative image of spider webs, even though I was making them. By discovering such a new way of looking at things, I hope to deliver a new perspective that transforms the anxieties and fears in our hearts into something positive through art.

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