• aomikikuchi

R/Evolution 3D Exhibition

My response to R/Evolution

In art history, marble has been a representative sculptural material. With the birth of the concept of soft sculpture, various materials have been incorporated into sculpture. As an artist who mainly uses textiles, I first tried using cotton fiber as a sculpting material. And from this year, I started making sculptures using wool fiber. The milky white color of raw wool resembles the color of marble sculpture. The texture is warmer than marble, and I think it is more suitable for sculpting creatures than marble. I have been working on dyeing for many years, but when I think about the global environment, I want to use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible, so I use undyed wool. This color is also the color of our bones, and is also a symbol of my belief that if we remove the skin and muscles, we are all the same ivory bones. Also, cotton production requires a lot of water, but shearing sheep is necessary for their health, so I used sheep fiber.