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Odyssey of Life Book

Printed Book available from April 2022


The occasion for this book is the 200th birthday of the famous archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. He discovered Troy...

My Page p.25

Book Design Award Granted

I readHomer's Odyssey and chose this piece for this book project. Mankind has fought since BCE when Homer wrote the Odyssey. The footage of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is horrifying, with bombing destroying buildings and fighting crushing tanks. Ulysses also fought to protect his country and his own family. War is beneficial to those who can make money from it. There may be justified reasons for those who can't stop trying to solve a problem by force. I feel the powerlessness of claiming peace. No entity stays in the same state forever, but there is an eternal concept in our thinking. The day when the war actually disappears forever may not be in the near future, but I think we can approach that day by envisioning it as a concept.

Work Description

Title: Infinity War is Over

Year: 2020

Media: Lacquer, Silk Organza Ribbon, Toy Soldier, Sand

Dimension: 9”x9”x2.4” 23x23x6(cm)

After I created the work titled Infinity War, I made this next work titled Infinity War is Over. I shaped it like a Christmas wreath as I made this work during the Christmas season with my wish for wars to be over infinitely. I selected red lacquer to paint the toy soldiers to create the bloody image of battlefields and sprinkled red sand as a finishing touch to depict the dusty environment. The soldiers have lost their original forms which shows how hard and long they were forced to fight until they finished the foolish acts.

This work expresses that war is never ending. Even the countless tragic consequences of war never stops the decision makers from having the idea that war can solve their issues. Kids enjoy fighting with toy guns, tanks, and soldiers.The familiarity to these toys might affect them unconsciously to prefer battles.


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