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Magic of La Bohème Art Book

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La Bohème Opera

Trash as Material

Media:Hemp Scrap from Knitted Kimono, Silk Thread, Water Soluble Fabric

Dimension: 90cmx90cm 35.5” x 35.5”

I made shirt parts using scraps cut out when making a spider web in the knit kimono:Transition. A piece cut out in a circle is made into an elongated stripe by putting scissors in a zigzag pattern. The pattern of each part of the shirt is traced on a non-woven fabric that dissolves in water and it is covered with elongated stripe pieces so that it becomes a pattern shaped fabric. I sewed the surface to fix and connect the pieces.

After sewing to assemble all patterns, and soaking in water, the non-woven fabric part will melt away and it can be finished as a shirt. However, I chose them to exhibit the parts as they are for showing the processes of this production. Since the fabric is molded for each shirt pattern and a water-soluble cloth is used, there is almost no waste in this work. For making use of scraps, there are techniques such as patchwork and saki ori (torn yarn weaving). My method is characterized by the fact that there is a gap between the cloths, creating a lace-like texture. I used scrap from one work, so it is all white, but with this technique, any small piece of scrap or even a single thread that has been cut off can be incorporated into the work.

Sometimes the artist chooses the material according to the intention of the work he/she wants to produce, and sometimes there is a material like this work and he/she is inspired by it.

Living in a period of mass production and mass consumption, I am not an exception that lives surrounded by things that overflow. I do not dare to get new materials when I create my work because I realized that there are many things that can be interesting materials if I change my perspective. Leftovers produced from one work can be made into a new work like this one. It is important to consider the negative impact on the environment when I create my work and share various perspectives with people by giving new value to things that have finished their roles or that can no longer be used for their original purposes.

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