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Face & Features-Portrait 1 Juried Art Contest @Garrely 4%

Title: Pixel Weaving August 4 1962


Media:Wool Yarn

Dimension:1.6x1.7m 63” x 67”

I started a new project. I named it "Pixel Weaving". If you zoom into the details of the fabric, you can see the surface is like a grid of intersecting warp and weft threads. Digital photographs are also made up of squares called pixels. Inspired by this structure, I transformed each color of the pixels in the photo into 3cm square handwoven fabrics. I then connect them together in the same composition as developing photos to create my work. My intention is to develop photographs using weaving instead of printing. For the first work, I chose a monochrome image of Marilyn Monroe's face as a motif. She was active in the world of brilliant movies, but passed away at 36. For me, she is one of the icons of my artist's statement: the impermanence of our lives.


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