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BIOGRAPHY Contemporary Art by Edizioni La Notizia


“Biography” is born from a revolutionary idea that considers tradition and

history as an indisputable value. Our concept arises from the desire to

offer a collection of biographies of contemporary artists, much like Vasari

did in his work “Le vite de’ pi. eccellenti pittori, scultori, e architettori,”

which is the first comprehensive book on the history of art and a primary

source for understanding the biographies of artists who have left their

mark on the art world. With humility, we decided to create a publishing

product inspired by Vasari’s “Vite.”

Within “Biography,” you can discover a selection of international

contemporary artists who enrich the global landscape with their

diverse artistic languages and styles, ranging from abstract to figurative,

conceptual to intriguing sculptures. It’s a treasure trove for all art

collectors, where they can find high-quality artistic gems and gain insight

into their place in today’s artistic context.

We want to express our gratitude to all the artists who contributed to our

book, entrusting their art into our hands.

The Editorial Staff


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